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IS 3-645-65292-6 :: Raspberry Pi - Maker-Kit (EN)

IS 3-645-65292-6

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    • Raspberry Pi
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    • Starter-Kit
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Nur in Englisch

If you already own a Raspberry Pi and have done your first electronic project then you are ready for this Kit. It has all you need to bring 20 simple projects to life, including 62 parts and a 160 page handbook.

Already planing your next project?
Your Raspberry Pi is capable of more than you thought: Control your minicomputer by using spoons, display your song titles on the LCD or build your own binary clock. With the graphic programming language Scratch this all can be done in a short time, but don't worry, programming skills are not needed. In case the ports at the GPIO aren't enough, you will learn how to extend them.

These projects are waiting for you
• LED turned on and off with Python
• First projects with Scratch
• GPIO controlling with Scratch
• Pedestrian light with Python and Scratch
• Dice with LEDs
• Scratch-Cat controlled with GPIO-Buttons
• Digital clock with Scratch on a LCD
• LCD controlling with Python
• LCD in 8 bit mode
• Showing IP-address of Raspberry Pi
• Ticker on the LCD
• Extended status display
• Interactive status display with buttons
• Runlight with the port expander
• Binary clock
• CPU-usage display with LEDs at the port expander
• LCD at the port expander
• LCD for RaspBMC Media Center
• PiKey PiKey - Controlling Games with your finger

LC-Display,61 parts, Scratch, manual

Not included
Raspberry Pi

Not suitable for children under the age of 14!

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Technische Daten
  • Ausführung
    • Modell
    • Raspberry Pi
  • Allgemeines
    • Kategorie
    • Starter-Kit
    • Typ
    • Maker
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