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AD 8616 ARMZ :: Operationsverstärker, 20 MHz, MSOP-8

Artikel-Nr.: AD 8616 ARMZ
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AD 8616 ARMZ

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    • MSOP-8
The AD8615/AD8616/AD8618 are single/dual/quad, rail-to-rail, input and output, single-supply amplifiers featuring very low offset voltage, wide signal bandwidth, and low input voltage and current noise. The parts use a patented trimming technique that achieves superior precision without laser trimming. The AD8615/AD8616/AD8618 are fully specified to operate from 2.7 V to 5 V single supplies. The combination of >20 MHz bandwidth, low offset, low noise, and low input bias current makes these amplifiers useful in a wide variety of applications. Filters, integrators, photodiode amplifiers, and high impedance sensors all benefit from the combination of performance features. AC applications benefit from the wide bandwidth and low distortion. The AD8615/AD8616/ AD8618 offer the highest output drive capability of the DigiTrim® family, which is excellent for audio line drivers and other low impedance applications.

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