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LD1117 V :: LDO-Spannungsregler, 1,25-15V, 1,3A, TO-220

LD1117 V

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This LDO LD1117V linear regulator from STMicroelectronics will give you control over the voltage levels of your circuit. This device has a maximum power dissipation of 12000 mW. It has an overall accuracy of ±1 %. Its typical dropout voltage at current is 1@100mA|1.05@500mA|1.1@800mA V. This voltage regulation device's single output can produce a current up to 1.3 A. Use this part at voltages lower than 15 V. With an adjustable output that has a voltage of 1.25 to 15 V, this is power management at its best. Maintain a constant voltage level with a load regulation of 0.4% and line regulation of 0.2%. Its maximum power dissipation is 12000 mW. In order to ensure parts aren't damaged by bulk packaging, this product comes in tube packaging to add a little more protection by storing the loose parts in an outer tube. The maximum dropout voltage is 1.1@100mA|1.15@500mA|1.2@800mA V. This voltage regulation device has a minimum operating temperature of 0 °C and a maximum of 125 °C. Its polarity is positive.

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