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MCP 8063-E/MD :: Brushless Driver, BLDC, 2 ... 14 V, DFN-8

MCP 8063-E/MD

The MCP8063 is a highly integrated sinusoidal sensorless driver for brushless DC motors. It features 180° sinusoidal drive for high torque output and silent operation. It is intended to cover a wide range of motor characteristics, while requiring no external tuning from the user. Speed control can be achieved through either power supply or pulse-width-modulation (using the PWM digital input pin). The compact packaging and minimum bill-of-material (BOM), it is best suited for fan applications that require high efficiency and low acoustic noise. Frequency generator output is also included, enabling for precision speed control in closed-loop applications. The MCP8063 driver includes a lockup protection mode, which turns-off the output current when the motor is under lock condition, and an automatic recovery that enables the fan to run when the lock condition is removed. Automotive AEC-Q100 Qualified, PPAP Available Upon Request.

• Automotive AEC-Q100 Qualified, PPAP Available Upon Request
• Position Sensorless BLDC Drivers (No Hall Sensor Required)
• 23 kHz PWM Output Frequency
• 180° Sinusoidal Drive For High Efficiency And Low Acoustic Noise
• Support 2 V to 14 V Power Supplies
• Speed Control Through Power Supply and/or PWM
• Built-in 1.5 A Over Current Limitation
• Built-in Frequency Generator (FG Output Signal)
• Built-in Lock-up Protection And Automatic Recovery Circuit
• Built-in Thermal Shutdown Protection
• No External Tuning Required

Technical Data:
Operating Voltage: 2 ... 14 V
Output Current: 50 mA
Temp. Range: -40 ... +125°C
Motor Control: PWM

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