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AD 7766 BRUZ :: AD-Wandler, 24 Bit, TSSOP-16

Artikel-Nr.: AD 7766 BRUZ
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AD 7766 BRUZ

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    • TSSOP-16
The AD7766/AD7766-1/AD7766-2 are high performance, 24-bit, oversampled SAR analog-to-digital converters (ADCs). The AD7766/AD7766-1/AD7766-2 combine the benefits of a large dynamic range and input bandwidth, consuming 15 mW, 10.5 mW, and 8.5 mW power, respectively, and are contained in a 16-lead TSSOP package.
Ideal for ultralow power data acquisition (such as PCI- and USB-based systems), the AD7766/AD7766-1/AD7766-2 provide 24-bit resolution. The combination of exceptional SNR, wide dynamic range, and outstanding dc accuracy make the AD7766/AD7766-1/ AD7766-2 ideally suited for measuring small signal changes over a wide dynamic range. This is particularly suitable for applications where small changes on the input are measured on larger ac or dc signals. In such an application, the AD7766/AD7766-1/ AD7766-2 accurately gather both ac and dc information.

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    • TSSOP-16
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