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MCP 25625-E/SS :: CAN Controller, Transceiver, SSOP-28

MCP 25625-E/SS

The MCP25625 is a complete, cost-effective and small-footprint CAN solution that can be easily added to a microcontroller with an available SPI interface. The MCP25625 interfaces directly with microcontrollers operating at 2.7 V ... 5.5 V, there are no external level shifters required. In addition, the MCP25625 connects directly to the physical CAN bus, supporting all requirements for CAN high-speed transceivers. The MCP25625 meets the automotive requirements for high-speed (up to 1 Mb/s), low quiescent current, electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) and electrostatic discharge (ESD)

• Stand-Alone CAN2.0B Controller with Integrated CAN Transceiver and Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI)
• Up to 1 Mb/s Operation
• Very Low Standby Current (10 µA, typical).
• Up to 10 MHz SPI Clock Speed
• Interfaces Directly with Microcontrollers with 2.7 V ... 5.5 V I/O

Technical Data:
• Tx Buffer: 3
• Rx Buffer: 2
• Masks: 2
• Interrupt Output: 1
• Filter: 6

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