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HV9861ANG-G :: LED Treiber, PWM, 1000 mW, SO-16

Artikel-Nr.: HV9861ANG-G
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The HV9861A is a patented, average-mode, constant current control LED driver IC operating in a constant off-time mode. Unlike the HV9910B, this control IC does not produce a peak-to-average error, and therefore greatly improves the accuracy, line and load regulation of the LED current without any need for loop compensation or high-side current sensing. The output LED current accuracy is ±3%. The IC is equipped with a current limit comparator for hiccup-mode output short circuit protection. Internal over-temperature protection is provided. The internally regulated voltage (VDD) for the HV9861A is 7.5 V. The IC can be powered from a 15 - 450 V supply. A PWM dimming input is provided that accepts an external control TTL-compatible signal. The output current can be programmed by an internal 270 mV reference, or controlled externally through a 0 - 1.5 V dimming input. The IC is pin-to-pin compatible with the Supertex HV9910B and HV9961, and can be used as a drop-in replacement for many applications to improve the LED current accuracy and regulation.

• Fast average current control
• Programmable constant off-time switching
• PWM / linear dimming input
• Output short circuit protection with skip mode
• Ambient operating temperature -40 ... +125°C
• Pin-compatible with the HV9910B and HV9961

Technical Data:
• Input Voltage: 8 ... 450 V
• Dimming: PWM
• power: 1000 mW

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