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ADUC 832 BSZ :: Microcontroller, 8-Bit, LQFP-28

Artikel-Nr.: ADUC 832 BSZ
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    • LQFP-28
The ADuC832 is a complete, smart transducer front end, integrating a high performance self-calibrating multichannel 12-bit ADC, dual 12-bit DACs, and programmable 8-bit MCU on a single chip. The device operates from a 32 kHz crystal with an on-chip PLL, generating a high frequency clock of 16.78 MHz. This clock is, in turn, routed through a programmable clock divider from which the MCU core clock operating frequency is generated. The microcontroller core is an 8052 and is therefore 8051 instruction set compatible with 12 core clock periods per machine cycle. 62 kB of nonvolatile Flash/EE program memory are provided on chip. There are also 4 kB of nonvolatile Flash/EE data memory, 256 bytes of RAM, and 2 kB of extended RAM integrated on chip.

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    • LQFP-28