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ADM 3311 EARSZ :: Schnittstellen-IC RS232, SSOP-28

Artikel-Nr.: ADM 3311 EARSZ
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The ADM3307E/ADM3310E/ADM3311E/ADM3312E/ ADM3315E line of driver/receiver products is designed to fully meet the EIA-232 standard while operating with a single 2.7 V to 3.6 V power supply. The devices feature an on-board charge pump dc-to-dc converter, eliminating the need for dual power supplies. This dc-to-dc converter contains a voltage tripler and a voltage inverter that internally generates positive and negative supplies from the input 3 V power supply. The dc-to-dc converter operates in Green Idle™ mode, whereby the charge pump oscillator is gated on and off to maintain the output voltage at ±7.25 V under varying load conditions. This minimizes the power consumption and makes these products ideal for battery-powered portable devices.

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