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ADF 7020 BCPZ :: Funk-Transceiver, 2,3 - 3,6 V, LFCSP-48

Artikel-Nr.: ADF 7020 BCPZ
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    • LFCSP-48
The ADF7020 is a low power, highly integrated FSK/ASK/OOK transceiver designed for operation in the license-free ISM bands at 433 MHz, 868 MHz, and 915 MHz, as well as the proposed Japanese RFID band at 950 MHz. A Gaussian data filter option is available to allow either GFSK or G-ASK modulation, which provides a more spectrally efficient modulation. In addition to these modulation options, the ADF7020 can also be used to perform both MSK and GMSK modulation, where MSK is a special case of FSK with a modulation index of 0.5. The modulation index is calculated as twice the deviation divided by the data rate. MSK is spectrally equivalent to O-QPSK modulation with halfsinusoidal Tx baseband shaping, so the ADF7020 can also support this modulation option by setting up the device in MSK mode.

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    • LFCSP-48