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ADA 4841-2 YRMZ :: Operationsverstärker, 80 MHz, MSOP-8

ADA 4841-2 YRMZ

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The ADA4841-1/ADA4841-2 are unity gain stable, low noise and distortion, rail-to-rail output amplifiers that have a quiescent current of 1.5 mA maximum. In spite of their low power consumption, these amplifiers offer low wideband voltage noise performance of 2.1nV/vHz and 1.4 pA/vHz current noise, along with excellent spurious-free dynamic range (SFDR) of -105 dBc at 100 kHz. To maintain a low noise environment at
lower frequencies, the amplifiers have low 1/f noise of 7 nV/vHz and 13 pA/vHz at 10 Hz. The ADA4841-1/ADA4841-2 output can swing to less than 50 mV of either rail. The input common-mode voltage range
extends down to the negative supply. The ADA4841-1/ ADA4841-2 can drive up to 10 pF of capacitive load with minimal peaking.

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Technische Daten
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