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ADA 4062-2 ARMZ :: Operationsverstärker, 1,4 MHz, MSOP-8

Artikel-Nr.: ADA 4062-2 ARMZ
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ADA 4062-2 ARMZ

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The ADA4062-2 and ADA4062-4 are dual and quad JFET-input amplifiers with industry-leading performance. They offer lower power, offset voltage, drift, and ultralow bias current. The ADA4062-2 B grade (SOIC package) features a typical low offset voltage of 0.5 mV, an offset drift of 5 µV/°C, and a bias current of 2 pA. The ADA4062 family is ideal for various applications, including process controls, industrial and instrumentation equipment, active filtering, data conversion, buffering, and power control and monitoring. With a low supply current of 165 µA per amplifier, they are well suited for lower power applications.

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