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AD 7719 BRZ :: AD-Wandler, 16/24 Bit,SOIC-28

Artikel-Nr.: AD 7719 BRZ
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AD 7719 BRZ

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The AD7719 is a complete analog front end for low frequency measurement applications. It contains two high resolution S-? ADCs, switchable matched excitation current sources, low-side power switches, digital I/O port, and temperature sensor. The 24-bit main channel with PGA accepts fully differential, unipolar, and bipolar input signal ranges from 1.024 × REFIN1/128 to 1.024 × REFIN1. Signals can be converted directly from a trans- ducer without the need for signal conditioning. The 16-bit auxiliary channel has an input signal range of REFIN2 or REFIN2/2.

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    • SOIC-28