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AD 7689 BCPZ :: AD-Wandler, 16 Bit, LFCSP-20

Artikel-Nr.: AD 7689 BCPZ
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AD 7689 BCPZ

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    • LFCSP-20
The AD7986 is an 18-bit, 2 MSPS successive approximation, analog-to-digital converter (ADC). It contains a low power, high speed, 18-bit sampling ADC, an internal conversion clock, an internal reference (and buffer), error correction circuits, and a versatile serial interface port. On the rising edge of CNV, the AD7986 samples the voltage difference between the IN+ and IN- pins. The voltages on these pins usually swing in opposite phases between 0 V and VREF. It features a very high sampling rate turbo mode (TURBO = high) and a reduced power normal mode (TURBO = low) for low power applications where the power is scaled with the throughput.

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    • LFCSP-20